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Album Cover Materials


Cover Materials

There are so many material variations that each and every book you design is truly one-of-a-kind. From the friendly Book Cloth to Rich Full Grain Leather options, each material brings it's own personality to your Wedding Album. The Book Cloth and Cafe Leather range come as the standard options with each wedding album, with the option to pay more and upgrade to the Premium Leather range. This range includes Premium, Rustic, Full Grain & Exotic Leathers. Click on a swatch to view it in more detail.


Book Cloth

This high quality Book Cloth is durable and comes in a wide variety of colours. It’s also incredibly versatile. When paired with custom designed embossing, Book Cloth can range from casual to elegant, silly to serious. Book Cloth is a tried-and-true foundation of wedding. Available as coated (aqueous coated to protect against stains and spills) or uncoated (natural finish, usually softer).


Cafe Leather

Café Leather delivers the rich statement of leather in soft and familiar tones. When you need something a little more special but still friendly and casual, Café Leather is the perfect solution. Bonded Leather, top coated for finish.


Premium Leather

Straddling the soft tones of Café Leather and the rich weight of Full Grain Leather, Premium Leather delivers a touch of class through supple textures. Top grain leather, stamped for texture.


Rustic Leather

With more aggressive textures than Premium Leather but without the weight of Full Grain Leather, Rustic Leather is a blend of luxury and rural charm.


Full Grain Leather

The most beautiful leather we could find. Over time, these materials develop a beautiful patina, adding their own histories to your stories. American Honey’s natural imperfections make each application one of a kind. Our high quality full grain leathers create books as unique as the stories you’re telling.


Exotic Leather

We know, you thought you’d never have to consider crocodile skin again. But when that one project comes along that begs for something eccentric and unconventional, Exotic Leather is the ace in your pocket. Bonded leather, top coated for finish and stamped for texture.